Hello! This is my submission for the desktop showcase. Because I'm a very big Muse fan, my wallpaper is a modified version of the artwork for one of their best albums - Origin of Symmetry. Putting together the desktop was really, really easy. You will need:

  • Rainmeter, obviously.
  • The Enigma suite by Kaelri for the network and system graphs, as well as the music display. I've set the width of the sidebar skins to 275 and used the Enigma Light stylesheet.
  • The WP7 suite by xyrfo and fediaFedia for the time and date display. I used the universal variant of the Day text item. The format for it is "%m/%d %I:%M %p" without the quotation marks but of course you're free to customize it.
  • This wallpaper from this Muselive post. But anything can be used as a wallpaper here; I think most wallpapers can be used with this combination of skins.
  • Stardock's ObjectDock for the dock below the music display.
  • Token by brsev for the icons on the dock.